Lucid Journeys Mushroom Gummies


Lucid Journeys Mushroom Gummies are a delicious blend of euphoric mushrooms and irresistible flavors, crafted to elevate both the palate and the spirit. Each pack contains a precisely measured 4 grams of mushrooms, divided into 10 gummies, ensuring a consistent and potent experience with every chewy bite.

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Lucid Journeys Mushroom Gummies:

No matter which flavor you choose, Lucid Journeys Mushroom Gummies offer a unique and transformative experience that delights the senses and expands the mind. So indulge in the delicious taste and euphoric effects of these extraordinary gummies, and let your taste buds and consciousness embark on a journey of exploration and discovery.


Intergalactic Acai, is an exotic essence of acai berries, bursting with celestial sweetness and cosmic energy. As the fruity flavors envelop your senses, you’re transported to a state of euphoria, while the psychedelic effects of the mushrooms gently guide you through the depths of the universe.

Sacred Pineapple, is a flavor sensation that invokes the sacredness of tropical paradise. The gummy infused with the succulent taste of ripe pineapple, is perfectly balanced with a touch of divine sweetness.

Karmic Cherry Blast, is a flavor explosion that ignites the palate and uplifts the soul. The gummy bursting with the bold flavors of ripe cherries mingled with hints of karmic harmony and tart sweetness.

Peach Raspberry, is a blend of sweet and tangy flavors that captivates the senses and soothes the soul. The gummy infused with the luscious taste of ripe peaches and succulent raspberries, is perfectly balanced to create a symphony of flavor.

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Intergalactic Acai, Sacred Pineapple, Karmic Cherry Blast, Peach Raspberry

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