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Lord Green Balanced Disposable Vape (HHC, D8, CBD, and CBG):

Introducing our revolutionary Balanced Disposable Vape, designed to elevate your vaping experience with a perfect blend of HHC, D8, CBD, and CBG. This cutting-edge vape offers a harmonious combination of cannabinoids that work together synergistically to provide an unparalleled sense of balance.

Available in the Strains: Sundae Driver, Jet Fuel Gelato, Chaos Kush, and AC/DC

Sundae Driver

Sundae Driver, also known as “Sunday Driver,” is a sativa marijuana strain made by crossing FPOG with Grape Pie. Sundae Driver’s effects include feeling relaxed, giggly, and happy. Sundae Driver has a sweet, mellow and creamy flavor. Growers say this strain comes in light green and purple buds that are drenched in trichomes.

Effects: Mellow, Relaxed, and Focus

Jet Fuel Gelato

Jet Fuel Gelato, is a sativa weed strain made from a genetic cross between  High Octane and Jet Fuel. Jet Fuel Gelato is 24% THC, making this strain an ideal choice for experienced cannabis consumers.

Effects: Arousal, Focus, and Uplifted.

Chaos Kush

Chaos Kush, is a heavy indica-dominant weed strain and is a cross of Trueberry and Abba Zabba. Chaos Kush is 21% THC, making this strain an ideal choice for experienced cannabis consumers. Customers tell us Chaos Kush effects make them feel relaxed and sleepy. Medical marijuana patients often choose Chaos Kush when dealing with symptoms associated with insomnia, chronic pain, and depression. The dominant terpene of this strain is Caryophyllene and features a fruity, piney aroma and a flavor profile that is earthy with a strong lemon tang.

Effects: Calm, Relax, and Uplifting.


ACDC is a CBD-dominant marijuana strain made from a phenotype of Cannatonic. This strain produces little to no intoxicating effects.

Effects: Focused, Relax, and Uplifting.

Product Ingredients: Hemp-Derived Distillate, Live Resin Terpenes

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Sundae Driver, Jet Fuel Gelato, Chaos Kush, AC/DC

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